AstroBuffer is a CCD astrophotography image manipulation application.

Current Features

  • Opens FITS and SBIG (st9) files
  • Adjustable contrast to view different background and range of a image.
  • Scale
  • Shift
  • Rotate
  • Align Images based on two star alignment
  • Sum images
  • Zoom in and out
  • Magnification window
  • Subtract images
  • Average images
  • Apply Convolutions
  • Take pixels to x power
  • Divide (flat) images
  • Lesser two images
  • Center object
  • Copy/Paste Selected
  • Resize Canvas
  • DDP
  • Software Binning
  • Create L/RGB color images from four/three images.
  • Decompose saved L/RGB color images into separate images.
  • Create new Images with specified value.
  • Save as a image that KDE supports
  • Save as FITS

Screen Shots



Below are the requirements that need to be installed before running this software. Not listed are the requirements that each of those need.

  • PyQwt (tested with version 5.1.0)
  • PyQt (tested with version 4.4.2)
  • Numpy (tested with version 1.0.4)
  • SciPy (tested with version 0.6.0)


  • PySBIG (with latest version)



There is much to do, more than listed here, but here are some of the first things planned to be worked on.

  • L/CMY support
  • Make various dialogs more easier to use (Example: Scale should allow you to put in dimensions)
  • More provided Convolutions
  • Better Cosmic Ray removing options
  • More flexable background-contrast settings
  • Support NASA PDS images
  • Mosaic
  • Star bloom Removal
  • Improve Speed (Look into using more of SciPy)
  • Cleanup code (It is sorta a mess right now)
  • Write documentations include tutorials and some example images to play with.
  • Make a icon for the application
  • Make centroid work better (Used with alignment)
  • Fix endian issues (I'm sure it won't work on big endian)
  • Fix type/large value issues (histogram slider breaks if you have very large values, no reason to have 64 bit float the default, divide is messed up)
  • Fix up settings menu
  • Better Copy/Paste tool
  • An option to use other interpolation methods (cubic, spline?)



  • Cross Cursor in viewport widget
  • Bugfixes missed while porting to PyQt4


  • Update pyfits version to 1.3
  • Application icon
  • Move to PyQt4, PyQwt5, and removed PyKDE
  • PySBIG is optional
  • Software Binning
  • Settings Dialog to set image precision added
  • Added File→Open Recent
  • Rearrange menu items


  • DDP
  • Fixed some image size checks
  • Fixed wrong url reference for document copy()
  • Resize document starts with documents size in options
  • Scale dialog has size spin boxes
  • Quadratic Sum Tool
  • Fixed menu bug when color document opened after non color document
  • Multiply Tool added
  • Laplacian of Gaussian Convolution added


  • Copy and Paste with selection added
  • Doesn't crash on File→Quit anymore
  • Resize Canvas Tool
  • Fixed mean value in 60% divide (flat)


  • inline C version of centroid to improve speed
  • Fixed memory leak caused from undo system
  • Works with numpy 1.0.2 and scipy 0.5.x


  • Make Center tool for centering an object
  • Autocontrast works better
  • Can right click on tab for a popup menu
  • Workaround for RGB name increment problem


  • Fixes reading background range from previously saved rgb and lrgb files.


  • Changed auto contrast so it wouldn't prevent loading flat files.


  • Rotate, Scale, Shift dialogs go back to default settings after apply.
  • Convolution dialog to do convolutions with with Guassian, Zeros, and Custom kernels
  • Duplicate option
  • Power Tool (i.e. each pixel x^y value)
  • Can rename tabs
  • Changed Contrast Dialogs


  • Error message box gets shown if exception occurs
  • Uses scipy histogram to improve speed
  • Fixed getHistograms for color images so green and blue are in correct order
  • Reorganized the ColorRGB?Document code
  • Undo/Redo


  • Added L/RGB capabilities instead of just RGB.
  • Decompose created L/RGB images into separate images
  • Able to create a new image with all pixels a specified value
  • While opening a FITS image, it checks to see if HDU is primary or image HDU before trying to open

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